“Control-Alt-Delete” Filming Locations

Control deals with an imminent terrorist threat in Detroit while two masked assailants go on a rampage.

Series: Person of Interest Season 4, Episode 12
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Person of Interest episode "Control-Alt-Delete" was filmed in New York in United States of America.
Show Map

630 Flushing Avenue as Pentagon

Control returns to her operations center to deal with a new threat.


779 Argyle Road as 'Terrorists' House

A ISA team assaults a house where the four terrorism suspects live but only find three targets.


West 135th Street & 12th Avenue as News Report

Grice watches a news broadcast on Reese and Root's attack on four Samaritan agents.


McCarren Park as Control in Park

Control goes to a middle of a park to avoid surveillance while she calls Grice with new orders.


728 East 136th Street as Brooks on Rooftop

Brooks takes aim on Yasin Said from a nearby rooftop.


780 East 135th Street as Tracking down Yasin Said

Grice and Brooks track Yasin Said down the a street and drive him into a warehouse with sniper fire.


East 134th Street (between Willow & Walnut) as Yasin Said Walking

Samaritan tracks Yasin Said walking under a bridge on his way towards the warehouse.


Tracks off 53rd Avenue as Train Yard

Control tracks Yasim Said to where he is attempting to hop onto a train, but she is prevented from capturing him by Root and Reese.


630 Flushing Avenue as Detroit Warehouse

Reese, Root, and Finch take Control to a warehouse and interrogate her about Shaw.


630 Flushing Avenue as Stock Exchange (elevator)

Control examines the elevator room and finds evidence of a coverup.