“B.S.O.D.” Filming Locations

Finch works to save the Machine while Root & Reese evade Samaritan and Fusco looks into the attack on Dominic & Elias.

Series: Person of Interest Season 5, Episode 1
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Person of Interest episode "B.S.O.D." was filmed in New York in United States of America.
Show Map

Alley (south of 43rd, west of 23rd) as 22nd Street Alley

Reese fights with several Samaritan operatives after they follow him into an alley.


43-01 22nd Street as Nightclub

Reese hops into someone else's Uber.


23rd Street (between 44th Avenue & 44th Road) as Uber Driving

The Uber car Reese jumped into drives down away from the Samaritan operatives.


Queens Plaza South & Harry Suna Place as Bus Stop

Finch evades some Samaritan operatives on a bus.


North 15th Street & Banker Street as Nassau Avenue & Banker Street

Root is sitting at a street corner when she is sideswiped by a Samaritan vehicle.


Jackson Avenue (between 42nd & Queens) as Queens Plaza Subway Entrance

Samaritan looses track of Root when she enters the subway.


India Street Ferry Terminal as Ferry Terminal

Reese is attacked by a Samaritan operative while waiting for the ferry and he is saved by Finch.

East River as Riding Ferry

Finch and Reese ride the ferry back to Manhattan.


900 3rd Avenue as Machine Development [2006]

Finch works on the Machine and ends up installing the memory erasing program.


New Long Hing Market as Chinatown Doorway

Reese and Finch take shelter in a doorway to loose their Samaritan tail.


Gowanus E-Waste Warehouse as E-Waste Warehouse

Root lures two Samaritan operatives into a warehouse that is used as the base of a Russian hacker she helped in the past.


Rainey Park as Walking with Grace [2006]

Finch walks in the park with Grace and discusses his problem with the Machine.


The Metro Group as Sniper's Perch

Finch investigates the shooter's perch and finds a spend shell while Samaritan watches.


East 16th Street (between Union Square & Irving) as Nitrogen Tank

Reese runs outside the hideout and grabs a liquid nitrogen tank.