“YHWH” Filming Locations

Control attempts to stop the Correction, Reese & Fusco escape from Dominic’s grasp, and Finch & Root gather supplies with which to save the machine.

Series: Person of Interest Season 4, Episode 22
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Person of Interest episode "YHWH" was filmed in New York in United States of America.
Show Map

44th Avenue & 21st Street as Installing Line Box

A utility worker installs a box on a power pole.


East 30th Street & 3rd Avenue as Blackout Broadcast

A news broadcaster talks about the spreading blackouts across the country.


40 Wall Street as Lower Manhattan Savings Bank (interior)

Dominic has Reese contact Finch and then tries to kill Elias and Harper.


Milan Condominium as Condo Building

The Machine guides Root and Finch to a upscale condo where the fire department is waiting.


East 30th Street (between 2nd & 3rd) as Recipe Chat

Finch questions Root about the items they've acquired and then receives a phone call from Reese.


East 30th Street & 3rd Avenue as Stealing Police Car

Root steals a police car with a distraught Finch.


2118 Albermarle Terrace as Washington D.C. House

Control takes Grice to investigate the house that Samaritan quarantined under her name.


20 Exchange Place as Lower Manhattan Savings Bank (exterior)

Fusco and Reese watch as Elias and Dominic are put into a federal transport outside the bank.


Sunshine Deli as Buying Ice

Root and Finch are buying bags of ice when they are set upon by a group of Samaritan agents.


East 24th Street & Madison Avenue as Stuck at Red Light

Root and Finch get stuck in traffic but the Machine clears a route for them.


132 Vernon Avenue as Hidden Substation (exterior)

Root, Finch, and Reese go to a disguised electrical substation to download the Machine.


Roosevelt Island Power Plant as Hidden Substation (interior)

The team finds themselves inside a hidden substation and the Machine guides them to downloading her code to a box.


51st Avenue & 25th Street as Elias & Dominic's Crash

The vehicle transporting Elias and Dominic to prison is hit.


The National City Bank Building as U.S. Supreme Court

Security evacuates the Supreme Court building while Grice searches inside for a bomb.


The Metro Group as Sniper's Perch

A Samaritan sniper fires on Elias and Dominic from a rooftop.


44th Avenue (between 13th & 21st) as Exploding Line Boxes

The lineman watches as the newly installed boxes explode from Samaritan's attack.