Movies Filmed at Widgeon Slough North Dock

Siwash Island, British Columbia, Canada
Nearby Locations
Clearing off Quarry Road from Arrow and 1 other movie.
497 m

Widgeon Slough South Dock from Stargate SG-1
1.6 km

Widgeon Valley National Wildlife Area from The 100 and 1 other movie.
2.0 km

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The Magicians

Riverside Camp

Penny finds his magic is on the fritz and decides to head back to talk with the man by the stream again and Quentin talks to Alice about facing the Beast in episode 2x01 "Knight of Crowns".

The 100


Emori docks her boat with Otan and leads Murphy, Jaha, and their companion into the wilderness in episode 3x02 "Wanheda: Part 2".


Fyers's Camp

Oliver attempts to rescue Yao Fei from the camp in episode 1x14 "The Odyssey".


Himalayan Field

From episode 4x20 "Worlds Apart".

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

Wendimoor River

Amanda and Vogle land in the water on a strange world in episode 2x04 "The House Within a House".

Altered Carbon

Coolant Pool

Young Tak and Rei watch their father destroy their mother's body after murdering her in episode 1x07 "Nora Inu".