“My So-Called Wife” Filming Locations

Series: Imposters Season 1, Episode 1
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Imposters episode "My So-Called Wife" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

6065 Collingwood Place as Ezra's House

Ezra returns home to find all of his money missing.


Terminal Avenue & Carolina Street as Street

Ezra watches an ambulance drive past on his way to work.


110 East Cordova Street as Bloom Boot & Heel

Ezra arrives at work to find one of his coworkers has had a heart attack.


EZDog as Pet Store

Ezra attempts to purchase a dog for Eva only to find that none of his credit cards work.


Vancouver International Airport as Airport

Josh Bloom spots Maddie at the airport in disguise but gets his nose broken when he tries to pursue her.


Bao Down Snack Bar as Deux Oiseaux

Ezra goes out with Gaby and tells about his first meeting with Maddie at the same restaurant.

Ferguson Point (Stanley Park) as Waterfront Park

Maddie, Max, and Sally meet to discuss their next target.

Segal Graduate School of Business (SFU) as American Pacific Bank & Trust

Maddie heads in to interview at the bank where her new target works.


Cartems Donuterie as Steam

Maddie heads to a coffee shop and ends up chatting with Patrick.


Columbia Street (between Alexander & Powell) as Spy Shop (exterior)

Ezra and Richie park and walk to the spy shop.


Gore Avenue (between Georgia & Union) as Street Corner

Ezra and Richie are arguing about protein powder when they get a call back from the spy shop.