“My Balls, Dickhead” Filming Locations

Series: Imposters Season 1, Episode 2
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Imposters episode "My Balls, Dickhead" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Segal Graduate School of Business (SFU) as American Pacific Bank & Trust

Maddie interviews for and starts her new job with her mark Gary Heller.


Alexander Street (between Columbia & Main) as Street

Richie and Ezra park their car and walk to the spy shop. Later Richie returns to his car after acquiring the information to find Ezra waiting for him.


6065 Collingwood Place as Ezra's House

Ezra and Richie hold a yard sale to raise money to pay off the guy at the spy shop.


800 Grand Boulevard East as Gary Heller's House

Sally takes a job as Gary Heller's housekeeper so she can search his house.


Cook Culture as Cook Culture

Ezra finds Gaby taking a cooking class to return her book.


Cartems Donuterie as Steam

Maddie flirts with Patrick at the coffee shop again before being seen by Max.

Coquitlam Centre as Bookstore

Ezra buys a few books on short cons.

Campbell River Store as Campbell River Store

Richie and Ezra discuss the rules for their cons and attempt to con an asshole.

Maritime Museum Dock as Marina

Sally tells Maddie about someone she was involved with during a former con.


St. James's Well Pub as St. James's Well

Maddie goes to the pub where Gary Heller plays darts.

Tourism Surrey Visitor Centre as Practicing Cons

Ezra and Richie practice their lifting on one another.


Denny's as JoJo's Cafe

Ezra and Richie attempt to steal the wallet of an asshole at a roadside diner with less than successful results.


395 Railway Street as Jules's Apartment (exterior)

Ezra and Richie head to the apartment where they believe Maddie lives.

The Ironworks as Jules's Apartment (interior)

Ezra and Richie knock on the door of the apartment where they think Maddie lives only to find another person she conned living there.