Movies Filmed at Segal Graduate School of Business

Part of Simon Fraser University
500 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC V7Y 1K8, Canada

Simon Fraser University’s graduate business program operates out of this 100-year-old building in the heart of downtown. The structure originally housed the western headquarters of the Bank of Montreal, and was extensively renovated in 2005 to restore it to its original glory.

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Alley (south of Granville, west of Pende… from The Flash and 1 other movie.
35 m

Rogers Building from John Doe
56 m

Seymour Building from Dark Angel
56 m

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Show Map

The Flash

Central City Bank

Joe and Barry investigate a murder outside the bank in pilot episode.

Starling City Rooftop

Barry goes to Starling City and meets with Oliver Queen in pilot episode.

The Magicians

Magic Bank (interior)

Kady and Penny use terrible disguises and their lucky counterfeit black card to get coins from the bank in episode 4x03 "The Bad News Bear".


Unidac Auction

The sniper Deadshot targets bidders in the auction for Unidac Industries including Walter in episode 1x03 "Lone Gunmen".

Legends of Tomorrow


Oliver Queen and Barry Allen talk to the team and introduce them to Rip Hunter on a rooftop in the upfronts preview.


Philadelphia Train Station

The Fringe team investigates a bombing of a train station in which no explosives were found in episode 2x03 "Fracture".

Command Center

Broyles briefs the FBI task force about the potential human bombs in episode 2x03 "Fracture".


American Pacific Bank & Trust

Maddie heads in to interview at the bank where her new target works in episode 1x01 "My So-Called Wife". Maddie interviews for and starts her new job with her mark Gary Heller in episode 1x02 "My Balls, Dickhead". Max calls the Doctor with a status update while watching Heller leave work in episode 1x03 "We Wanted Every Lie". Appears in 3 more episodes.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Mulctuary Money Management

Count Llaf visits Arthur Poe while in disguise to convince the baker to leave the Baudelaire orphans with him in episode 1x02 "The Bad Beginning: Part Two".

The Core

Major Childs's Hearing


Minister's Office

Joseph goes to talk with the minister in pilot episode.

Fairly Legal

Reed & Reed

Kate works at her family's firm at in pilot episode. From episode 1x04 "Bo Me Once". From episode 1x10 "Bridges".

D.A.'s Office

Justin talks to D.A. Aaron Davidson about the trespassing case in episode 1x04 "Bo Me Once".