“Doomworld” Filming Locations

The Legends find themselves in the world of the Legion of Doom with the memories erased.

Series: Legends of Tomorrow Season 2, Episode 16
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Legends of Tomorrow episode "Doomworld" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

1010 George Street as Chasing Smoak [2017]

Sara and Amaya chase the vigilante Felicity Smoak through a building and capture her for Damien Darhk.

401 West Georgia as Metz Diamond Exchange [2017]

Mick and Snart steal a bunch of diamonds but Mick is disheartened when the police just let them leave.

7616 Montreal Street (YDT) as S.T.A.R. Labs Reactor Facility [2017]

Jax supervises Stein as he works on a reactor for Thawne. Later the Legends head to the facility to stop Thawne from destroying the spear.


Trestle Bridge (Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park) as Railroad Bridge [2017]

Mick and Snart take Nate to a deserted road to kill him but Mick has second thoughts.


The Eastside Flea as Nate's Mom's Basement [2017]

The gang takes shelter in the basement of Nate's mom's house to plan their next move to return the world to normal.


Napier Street & George Street as Street [2017]

Sara and Amaya find Jax as he is parking his car and shoot him with memory restoration gun.


1010 George Street as Snart's Hideout [2017]

Mick returns to Snart after the Legends leave him behind.