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Ivanhoe Pub from The Magicians
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National Avenue & Main Street from Fringe
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National Avenue & Station Street from Once Upon a Time and 2 other movies.
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The Magicians

Hedge Witch Hideout

Marina walks into their hideout where Julia is getting her first star tattoo in episode 1x02 "The Source of Magic". Quentin and Eliot find the safe house while tracking the stolen book in episode 1x03 "Consequences of Advanced Spellcasting". Julia and Marina talk about the putting the spell on Quentin and later Marina kicks Julia out after regaining her memories in episode 1x04 "The World in the Walls". Appears in 2 more episodes.

Julia's Safe House

Julia shows Hannah her new safe house in episode 1x06 "Impractical Applications".

Legends of Tomorrow

Nate's Mom's Basement [2017]

The gang takes shelter in the basement of Nate's mom's house to plan their next move to return the world to normal in episode 2x16 "Doomworld".

The X-Files

Atlantic City Diner

Mulder and Scully talk about what Scully missed in the case in episode 1x05 "The Jersey Devil".