“Here There Be Dragons” Filming Locations

Holden, Naomi, and Amos search Ganymede with Prax for signs of his daughter Mei while Alex tries to find a way through the Martian no-fly zone and Bobbie searches for clues on what killed her team.

Series: The Expanse Season 2, Episode 11
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The Expanse episode "Here There Be Dragons" was filmed in Toronto in Canada.
Show Map

Science Wing (U of T Scarborough) as M.C.R. Embassy

Captain Martens escorts Bobbie outside for her pickup but the transport is called off at the last minute due to an apparent terrorist threat.

Humanities Wing (U of T Scarborough) as M.C.R. Embassy

Bobbie leaves Captain Martens's office after knocking him out and walks calmly through the hallway to get out of the building.

David Pecaut Square as Checkpoint

Bobbie runs towards the U.N. checkpoint and requests political asylum on Earth.