The Expanse Filming Locations

The Expanse was filmed in Toronto & Oshawa in Canada.

Roy Thomson Hall

The U.N. HQ Annex

The U.N. Undersecretary orders Avasarala to stop using gravity torture on the captured OPA operative in episode 1x02 “The Big Empty”. Avasarala is dressed down by Sadavir Errinwright for pressuring Carlos Davila in episode 1x06 “Rock Bottom”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.
The Monster and the Rocket

Errinwright walks his son to school near and then talks to Chrisjen about his upcoming testimony and her meeting with Jules-Pierre Mao.

Fight or Flight

Errinwright gets a message telling him that the mission to eliminate Avasarala failed.

18696 The Gore Road

Avasarala's House

Avasarala is hanging out with her grandson at home when she gets a summons from the U.N in episode 1x01 “Dulcinea”. Chrisjen sits looking at a report on the Canterbury in episode 1x02 “The Big Empty”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.
Remember the Cant

Chrisjen has dinner with her husband, and the Martian ambassador and his husband.


Avasarala works at home while her husband reads to their grandchildren.

Corus Quay

U.N. HQ Offices

Avasarala tells the Undersecretary that she wants the OPA suspect sent to Luna for interrogation in episode 1x02 “The Big Empty”. Avasarala meets with the Undersecretary and the a UNN admiral about the accusations against Mars and later she talks to the Martian ambassador in episode 1x03 “Remember the Cant”. Avasarala tries to convince the Undersecretary not to kill Holden in episode 1x08 “Salvage”.

Science Wing (U of T Scarborough)

M.C.R. Embassy

Bobbie and the rest of the Martian delegation land at their embassy and some have trouble adapting to the sun and gravity in episode 2x09 “The Weeping Somnambulist”. Bobbie escapes the embassy through her window and slides down the outside of the building in episode 2x10 “Cascade”. Captain Martens escorts Bobbie outside for her pickup but the transport is called off at the last minute due to an apparent terrorist threat in episode 2x11 “Here There Be Dragons”.

Parkwood Estate & Gardens

Mao Estate

Errinwright talks to Mao about the Martian ship heading to Phoebe Station and what to do about Eros in episode 2x01 “Safe”. Jules-Pierre Mao watches a news report on the stealth ship that was linked to his company. He talks with Errinwright over coms after the meeting with Avasarala in episode 2x04 “Godspeed”.

Fairmont Royal York

Meeting Hall

The U.N. and M.C.R. delegations meet to discuss the events on Ganymede and Bobbie is brought in to testify on what she saw in episode 2x09 “The Weeping Somnambulist”. The two delegations return to the negotiating table to settle their deal and Chrisjen asks about Bobbie in episode 2x10 “Cascade”.

Toronto City Hall

Transport Union Headquarters

Appears in “Babylon's Ashes”.

The U.N. Building

Chrisjen is heading to her transport when communications are jammed and her transport is destroyed. Later she meets with Cotyar to recruit him into her service in episode 2x01 “Safe”.

295 Sackville Street

295 Sackville

Amos finds someone involved with the local gang and asks to see the boss Erich in episode 5x02 “Churn”.

13 Gilead Place

Lydia & Charles's Apartment

Amos visits the apartment of Lydia, the woman who helped raise him, and talks to her husband in episode 5x02 “Churn”.