“Always Forward, Never Back” Filming Locations

The wedding day finally arrives and the con is revealed.

Imposters episode “Always Forward, Never Back” was filmed in Vancouver in Canada and New York in the United States of America.

St. John's Shaughnessy Anglican Church as St. John's Shaughnessy

Maddie & Patrick have their wedding in the church and their reception in the adjacent hall where the FBI hope to arrest the Doctor while Maddie and the others pull the big con on the FBI.

2628 Queens Avenue as Patrick's Home

Ezra waits outside Patrick's home for him to leave and later Maddie shows up to steal the ring from the safe.

Parker Street & Clarke Drive as Street Corner

Max is pulled over by two cops looking for the Doctor but they let him go because he has already removed his disguise.

Sewell's Marina as Port Townsend Marina

Jules gets off the boat after removing her disguise and easily avoids police notice.

Indah Imports as Pinehurst Station

Jules is waiting at the bus station in Port Townsend when Ezra and Richard show up and then the three of them wait for Maddie.

Parker Street Studios as Behind a Warehouse

Max parks his car behind a graffiti covered warehouse to check on the money only to find he ended up with the dummy bag.

Washington Square Park as Washington Square Park

Lenny Cohen is talking to another misbehaving one of the Doctor's employees when she gets a call about the fuckup in Seattle.