“Ladies and Gentlemen, the Doctor Is In” Filming Locations

Ezra is recruited to be an FBI informant, Jules is investigated by Gina, and Richard works with Max to prepare for the con.

Imposters episode “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Doctor Is In” was filmed in Vancouver & West Vancouver in Canada.

Maritime Museum Dock as Marina

Max calls Maddie to tell her that Richard didn't show up for their meeting.

City Centre Motor Hotel as City Centre Motel

Maddie barges in on Richard who was spending the night with the waitress, Kara, from the other day. Later Jules arrives at the hotel with Gina and they hook up.

Opus Art Supplies as Ovi Art Supplies

Gina arranges to bump into Jules while she is out shopping for art supplies and she invites Jules out to lunch.

Cartems Donuterie as Steam

Patrick arranges to meet with Jules at the coffee shop so she can sign the agreement.

Nuba as Restaurant

Jules and Gina go out to lunch and flirt heavily while Gina asks questions about Jules's past.

Ivanhoe Apartments as Saffron's Apartment

Maddie returns home while Ezra is upstairs planting a bug.

2628 Queens Avenue as Patrick's Home

Patrick and Maddie host a rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding.