“Polyphony” Filming Locations

A chase in San Francisco, a protest in Mumbai, a riot in Nairobi, and a fight in Seoul.

Series: Sense8 Season 2, Episode 4
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Sense8 episode "Polyphony" was filmed in Seoul in South Korea, Amsterdam in Netherlands, San Francisco in United States of America, Nairobi in Kenya, and Mumbai in India.

Rijksmuseum as Rijksmuseum [Amsterdam]

Riley and the rest of the cluster help Will escape the museum while security and the police converge.


50 Liberty Dock as Bug's Houseboat [San Francisco]

Nomi decides to tell Bug the details of what she is.


BG 3 (UvA) as Rijksmuseum (exterior) [Amsterdam]

Will exits through an employee door and is soon joined by Riley as more police arrive outside.


Grimburgwal & Oudezijds Voorburgwal Bridge as Near Rijksmuseum [Amsterdam]

The cluster advises Riley and Will what to do after escaping the museum.


신림건영1차아파트 나둥 (Shinlim Gungyoung Apartments East Tower) as Mrs. Cho's Apartment [Seoul]

Detective Mun tracks Sun down to the apartment and they fight on the rooftop.


Gallery Maskara as Art Gallery [Mumbai]

Kala and Rajan go out to an art show where Kala meets Ajay and then sees Wolfgang in the bathroom.


City Lights Bookstore as City Lights Bookstore [San Francisco]

Amanita works a reading by two of her and Nomi's favorite authors and then she sees Agent Bendix waiting for her outside.


Kibera Town Centre as Kibera Town Centre [Nairobi]

Zakia comes back to talk with Capheus and ask for a followup story.


Babulnath Temple as Temple [Mumbai]

Kala returns to the temple for the first time after the attack on her father-in-law and finds large amounts of security and a protest against her family.


Kibera Road (near Southern Bypass) as Road near Overpass [Nairobi]

Zakia is riding along with the Van Damn when they come upon a near riot around the water truck over raised prices.


Jack Kerouac Alley (south of Broadway, west of Columbus)

Amanita races down the alley on her motorcycle followed closely by Agent Bendix in his car.


Clay Street & Grant Avenue as Leaving Alley [San Francisco]

Amanita turns out of the alley and drives through Chinatown.


Green Street & Montgomery Street as Turning Corner [San Francisco]

Amanita turns the corner on her motorcycle while being chased.


Vellejo Street & Montgomery Street as Chase through Intersection [San Francisco]

Amanita and Bendix race down a hill through an intersection.


Green Street (between Castle & Montgomery) as Chase down Hill [San Francisco]

Bendix chases Amanita down a hill.


Grant Avenue (between Washington & Clay) as Chase through Chinatown [San Francisco]

Bendix turns the corner and chases Amanita through Chinatown.


Filbert Street (between Hyde & Leavenworth) as Up the Hill [San Francisco]

Amanita climbs up the hill and watches Bendix follow in her mirror.


Spofford Street as Chase down Chinatown Alley [San Francisco]

Amanita rides through an alley in Chinatown.


Filbert Street (between Hyde & Leavenworth) as Jumping Hill [San Francisco]

Bendix's car sparks along the ground as he jumps over a steep hill while following Amanita.


Washington Street (between Stockton & Waverly) as Evading Bendix [San Francisco]

Amanita drives out of an alley and by the time Bendix turns the corner she is gone.


Oricon House as Kala & Rajan's Home [Mumbai]

Kala arrives home accompanied by a new security guard and learns about the death threats against her family.


The Island Farm as Cabin [San Francisco]