“Fear Never Fixed Anything” Filming Locations

The cluster mourns a death and then struggles to be bold.

Sense8 episode “Fear Never Fixed Anything” was filmed in 8 cities across 8 countries.
Nairobi in Kenya, Mumbai in India, San Francisco in the United States of America, Mexico City in Mexico, Seoul in South Korea, London in the United Kingdom, Berlin in Germany, and Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Kibera House as Capheus's Home [Nairobi]

Three people from the Kenyan Democratic Reform Party come to Capheus's home and urge him to run for office.

북촌르11가길39 as Trainer's House [Seoul]

Sun returns to her trainer's house to take refuge. Later, Detective Mun shows up to question him about Sun.

Koolar & Co. as Dandekar Restaurant [Mumbai]

Sanyam notices Kala is distracted and talks to her about what is worrying her.

Nation Centre as Nation Media Group [Nairobi]

Capheus visits the new station where Zakia works and has three of her coworkers tell him something about her past.

Old Palace Yard as Bench by Westminster [London]

Will visits with Whispers as he sits in a bench across from the parliament building and explains his love for the architecture.

Siqueiros Dream as Lito, Hernando, & Dani's Apartment [Mexico City]

The trio pours over all of the terrible scripts given to Lito by his agent.

One Indiabulls Centre as Rasal Pharmaceuticals [Mumbai]

Kala heads out onto the balcony to talk with Rajan about some suspicious test results and finds him talking with Ajay.

Monbijouplatz 12 as Sebastian Fuchs's Apartment [Berlin]

Wolfgang goes over to Fuchs's apartment for a meeting only to find it empty except for a very naked Lila.