“Obligate Mutualisms” Filming Locations

Lito searches for a new apartment with Hernando & Dani, Wolfgang encounters a woman from another cluster, Sun is forced to take drastic action in the prison, and Will arranges a meeting with the BPO executive.

Series: Sense8 Season 2, Episode 3
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Sense8 episode "Obligate Mutualisms" was filmed in The Hague & Amsterdam in Netherlands, Nairobi in Kenya, Berlin in Germany, United States of America, Seoul in South Korea, Mumbai in India, and Mexico City in Mexico.

50 Liberty Dock as Bug's Houseboat [San Francisco]

Amanita and Nomi are getting ready to head out to a nice normal dinner when Sun asks for their help to escape danger.


BG 14 (UvA) as Church Hideout (exterior) [Amsterdam]

Will exits the church for the first time after Whispers is no longer a problem and enjoys the sunset with Riley and the cluster.


Iksan Prison Set as Cheongju Women's Prison [Seoul]

Sun is taken from her cell by three guards who are not from this prison.


Porsche Centre Santa Fé as A2 Office [Mexico City]

Lito comes in to talk about his upcoming project only to learn the producers used the morality clause to terminate the contract.


One Indiabulls Centre as Rasal Pharmaceuticals [Mumbai]

Kala collapses in the lab when Sun is attacked.


Monbijouplatz 12 as Sebastian Fuchs's Apartment [Berlin]

Felix and Wolfgang are invited over by Sebastian Fuchs so Felix can sign the paperwork for the club and Wolfgang meets another sensate, Lila Facchini.


Kibera House as Capheus's Home [Nairobi]

Capheus goes outside to buy some water only to hear about the increased prices.


Siqueiros Dream as Lito, Hernando, & Dani's Apartment [Mexico City]

Lito and Hernando check out a nice apartment that is out of their price range, but they are able to get it when Dani agrees to give up her own apartment and move in with them.


신림건영1차아파트 나둥 (Shinlim Gungyoung Apartments East Tower) as Mrs. Cho's Apartment [Seoul]

Min-Jung leads Sun to her former cellmate's apartment to hide out.


Den Haag Centraal Railway Station as Den Haag Centraal [The Hague]

Jonas arranges a meeting with Will in the middle of a busy train station and tells the cluster about his past with his sensate father and Angelica.


Beurs van Berlage as Old Train Station [The Hague]

Jonas tells Will of the old train station he visited where he visited with the father of his cluster as he died.


The Island Farm as Cabin [San Francisco]


Rijksmuseum as Rijksmuseum [Amsterdam]

Will meets with Richard Wilson Chroome where he learns about the history and current schism in the BPO.