“Lian Yu” Filming Locations

Oliver opposition to Chase comes to a head with a hunt for his friends and family across Lian Yu.

Series: Arrow Season 5, Episode 23
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Arrow episode "Lian Yu" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Whytecliff Park as Lian Yu Beach

Oliver's unlikely allies are unloading supplies from the plane when it is blown up by a missile.


Bryne Creek Ravine Park as Lian Yu Forest

Oliver finds several members of Team Arrow locked in cages in the woods and they are ambushed by Talia and Black Siren.


Princess Park as Lian Yu Forest

Felicity, Thea, and their group head across the island looking for the plan Adrian Chase flew in on while Oliver, Nyssa, and Slade Wilson head the other way looking for the rest of the missing people. In a flashback, Oliver shoots down Konstantin Kovar's helicopter and fights him to the death.


Pitt Lake Dock as Lian Yu Dock

Oliver runs out of the woods and sees Chase fleeing on a speedboat.


Pitt Lake as Water near Lian Yu

Oliver fights Chase on the back of his boat and then chase reveals William.