“Fallout” Filming Locations

Five months after the events on Lian Yu Black Siren returns from the dead with an attack on the police.

Series: Arrow Season 6, Episode 1
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Arrow episode "Fallout" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Allied Shipbuilders as Old Ferry

Oliver fights Alex Faust who is trying to launch a missile at the city.

1090 West Pender as Rooftop

Curtis throws one of his T-Spheres at the missile flying overhead.


Princess Park as Lian Yu Forest

The team at the airplane run to escape the explosions.

Vancouver Film Studios as Starling Metro Police

Oliver surveys the damage of the police station with Lance and Rene.


Georgia Viaduct as Viaduct

Dinah stops Black Siren and her team while they are driving across the city.

Allied Shipbuilders as Black Siren's Warehouse

Dinah and Diggle search a warehouse for clues on Black Siren's plan.