“Truth or Darius” Filming Locations

Liam, Darius, and Malcolm must race against time to show a working prototype before the government executes a potential disastrous plan.

Series: Salvation Season 1, Episode 3
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Salvation episode "Truth or Darius" was filmed in Toronto in Canada.
Show Map

21 Don Roadway as Sherman-Hendricks National Laboratory

Harris's son Dylan is arrested during a nuclear weapons protest.

Corus Quay as Tanz Industries

Amanda sneaks away from a tour group into the restricted areas of the building.

Water's Edge Promenade as Waterfront Bench

Darius and Jillian have lunch outside the building and he invites her to join his think tank.


Cherry Street Bar-B-Que as Cherry Street Bar-B-Que

Pearl Street (between Duncan & Simcoe) as Alley behind Capitol Eyes News

Someone listens to Amanda's phone call as she arrives back at work after interviewing Darius.