Movies Filmed at Corus Quay

25 Dockside Drive, Toronto, ON M5A 1B6, Canada

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Corus Quay is the new home of Corus Entertainment and the first part of the large East Bayfront redevelopment project. The building was complete in 2010 and includes green roofs, a five-storey living wall, and several public art installations.

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Water's Edge Promenade from Salvation and 1 other movie.
62 m

George Brown College, Waterfront Campus from Salvation and 1 other movie.
80 m

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93 m

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The Expanse

U.N. HQ Offices

Avasarala tells the Undersecretary that she wants the OPA suspect sent to Luna for interrogation in episode 1x02 “The Big Empty”. Avasarala meets with the Undersecretary and the a UNN admiral about the accusations against Mars and later she talks to the Martian ambassador in episode 1x03 “Remember the Cant”. Avasarala tries to convince the Undersecretary not to kill Holden in episode 1x08 “Salvage”.


Tanz Industries

Amanda sneaks away from a tour group into the restricted areas of the building in episode 1x03 “Truth or Darius”. Harris leads a group of police on a search of the building after Grace tips him off about Darius's text in episode 1x04 “The Human Strain”. Darius and Grace head off to find answers about the murder in episode 1x05 “Keeping the Faith”.