Salvation Filming Locations

A small team of scientists and engineers secretly rush to stop a meteor hurtling towards the Earth while facing off against a sinister government conspiracy.

Salvation was filmed in Vancouver, Toronto, Mississauga, & Squamish in Canada.
Show Map

Fairmont Royal York

The Royale Hotel

Liam jumps into the elevator with Tanz to tell him about the meteor heading for the planet in pilot episode.

Roy Thomson Hall

Presentation Hall (interior)

Darius Tanz gives a speech about the end of humanity to a group of MIT students and faculty in pilot episode.

16 Victor Avenue

Dr. Malcolm Croft's House

Liam goes to his professor's house in the middle of the night to show him the new data from his simulation. When he returns to the house later he finds the place trashed and Dr. Croft missing in pilot episode. Liam returns to the house to search for Dr. Croft's research and gets a cryptic message warning him to leave in episode 1x02 "Another Trip Around the Sun".

St. Michael's College Quad (U of T)

MIT Quad

Liam Cole almost hits a student while biking to the Darius Tanz lecture in pilot episode. Liam asks Diego if anyone has seen Dr. Croft in episode 1x02 "Another Trip Around the Sun".

Brennan Hall (U of T)

Presentation Hall (exterior)

Liam stashes his bike outside before running into the lecture in pilot episode.

21 Don Roadway

Wallops Wipp Facility

Grace uses the information stolen from Harris's briefcase to steal some Uranium from a government facility in episode 1x02 "Another Trip Around the Sun".

Sherman-Hendricks National Laboratory

Harris's son Dylan is arrested during a nuclear weapons protest in episode 1x03 "Truth or Darius".

Acadia Art & Rare Books

Acadia Book Store

Jillian is putting on the first reading for her self-published book with the help of her father in episode 1x02 "Another Trip Around the Sun".

McFarrens Lane (south of Queen, east of Sherbourne)

Alley near Bookstore

Liam watches the book signing from across the street but is too paranoid to head inside in episode 1x02 "Another Trip Around the Sun".

Corus Quay

Tanz Industries

Amanda sneaks away from a tour group into the restricted areas of the building in episode 1x03 "Truth or Darius". Harris leads a group of police on a search of the building after Grace tips him off about Darius's text in episode 1x04 "The Human Strain". Darius and Grace head off to find answers about the murder in episode 1x05 "Keeping the Faith".

Pearl Street (between Duncan & Simcoe)

Alley behind Capitol Eyes News

Someone listens to Amanda's phone call as she arrives back at work after interviewing Darius in episode 1x03 "Truth or Darius".

Water's Edge Promenade

Waterfront Bench

Darius and Jillian have lunch outside the building and he invites her to join his think tank in episode 1x03 "Truth or Darius".


Cherry Street Bar-B-Que

Cherry Street Bar-B-Que

From episode 1x03 "Truth or Darius".

Skycharter (YYZ)

Private Airfield

Darius and Lazlo are supervising the unloading of the stuff from the auction when Harris arrives to arrest Tanz in episode 1x04 "The Human Strain".

Toronto Buttonville Municipal Airport

Gaithers Airfield

Dr. Croft and his Russian friends take Liam and the prototype to a hanger while they wait for their plane to take off in episode 1x05 "Keeping the Faith".

George Brown College, Waterfront Campus

Tanz Industries (loading dock)

Croft supervises the loading of the prototype into the transport in episode 1x05 "Keeping the Faith".

Casa Loma

Halstead Manor

Darius takes Liam to his uncle's mansion to see the meteor they need to build another EM Drive in episode 1x06 "Chip Off the Ol' Block".

Signature Flight Support (YYZ)


Harris preps the team to fly to England in episode 1x06 "Chip Off the Ol' Block".


West 8th Avenue & Pine Street


Darius and Liam are driving across the city when they encounter a confrontation between police at a roadblock and an angry mob in episode 2x01 "Fall Out".

1745 West 8th Avenue

FBI Loading Dock

Harris says goodbye to Fiona as the FBI is unloading all of their evidence from the Q17 command center in episode 2x08 "Abre Sus Ojos". Liam oversees the exchange of Nicholas Tanz for the meteor in episode 2x12 "Hail Marry".


Liam arranges to meet Darius alone but Darius brings Secret Service and Alycia follows Liam in episode 2x06 "Let the Chips Fall".

DC General Hospital (lobby/roof)

Grace and Cavanaugh go to the hospital to get the Chief Justice's ruling and when Grace is trying to leave with it her helicopter is destroyed in episode 2x04 "Indivisible". Grace and Alonzo flee the rooftop after their helicopter was destroyed in episode 2x05 "White House Down".

Parking Garage

Alonzo and Grace are trying to take a shortcut through a garage when they are found by one of the soldiers hunting for Grace in episode 2x05 "White House Down".

White House (machine room)

Harris and Darius are sneaking through the white house when their secret service escort is killed in episode 2x05 "White House Down".

Office of Medical Examiner

Jillian and Nate visit the coroner to examine fake Joe Riggs' autopsy report and learn about a strange chip he had implanted in episode 2x03 "Crimes and Punishment". Alonzo tries to view his sister's autopsy report but is turned away in episode 2x04 "Indivisible".

Fort Reynolds

Harris and Hugh Keating monitor a raid on the military base where they believe Monroe Bennett is operating from but find him already gone in episode 2x02 "Détente".

Parking Garage on Aberdeen

Darius goes to meet his father to get Grace access to a bunker but is kidnapped by Nicholas's fixer in episode 2x12 "Hail Marry".

Aerospace Technology Campus (BCIT)

Reykjavik International Science Coalition

Grace and Darius seek help from a group of European scientists including Darius' old colleague Dr. Rosetta Stendahl but they receive an unpleasant reception in episode 2x02 "Détente".

Richmond City Hall

Reykjavik International Science Coalition (conference room)

Darius presents his proposal to the gathered scientists in episode 2x02 "Détente".

Dyke Road (between Gilbert & No. 3)

Riverside Street

Alonzo pulls over Harris to question him about his involvement with Claire in episode 2x02 "Détente".

Vancouver Art Gallery

Supreme Court

Monroe Bennett holds a press conference asking for the Supreme Court to rule on the true President in episode 2x03 "Crimes and Punishment".

Empty Lot under Burrard Bridge

Under Bridge

Alonzo gives his sister's thumb drive to a contact for decryption in episode 2x03 "Crimes and Punishment".

East Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)

DC General Hospital (ward)

Grace and Cavanaugh try to convince the Chief Justice's wife to let them wake him up to get his ruling in episode 2x04 "Indivisible".

West 8th Avenue (between Burrard & Pine)


Alonzo searching through his sister's things and finds a hidden thumb drive in episode 2x03 "Crimes and Punishment". Alonzo calls Grace to gain access to his sister's autopsy report in episode 2x04 "Indivisible". Alonzo is returning to his car when he gets a call from a sheriff who located the C.O.P.E. compound in episode 2x11 "Celebration Day". Protestors clash with the police after the destruction of the railgun in episode 2x12 "Hail Marry".

Crease Clinic (Riverview Hospital)

White House (tunnels)

Darius and Harris pass through the tunnels to rescue Grace and when Harris returns with her they are all captured in episode 2x05 "White House Down".


Alley (south of 7th, west of Pine)

Street near D.C. Payday Loans

Alonzo and Grace hide under a car while Monroe Bennett's troops march past in episode 2x05 "White House Down".

Lulu Island Wastewater Treatment Plant

Maxwell Collider Facility

Darrius heads to the Maxwell Collider for a test firing in episode 2x06 "Let the Chips Fall".

Barnet Marine Park

C.O.P.E. Campfire

Jillian accompanies Nate to a meeting of the self-help group C.O.P.E. where she sees Bass Shepherd speak in episode 2x06 "Let the Chips Fall".

Rosewood Hotel Georgia

Press Conference

President Mackenzie gives speech to celebrate the end of the conflict with Monroe Bennett and is assassinated by mysterious forces in episode 2x06 "Let the Chips Fall".


Jack Cooper Transport Canada

Q17 Warehouse

The Q17 team monitoring Fiona's tracker takes the bait and is tracked back by Harris's team in episode 2x08 "Abre Sus Ojos".

North Shore Studios

Tanz Industries

Nicholas Tanz leaves the party and tells his driver that Darius is not being cooperative in episode 2x09 "The Manchurian Candidate".


The Cobalt Cabaret


Harris and Grace track down Alonzo and ask for his help investigating Q17 in episode 2x09 "The Manchurian Candidate".

Aja Tan Studios

P Street Heliport

Nicholas Tanz is arrested before he can board his helicopter to flee the country in episode 2x10 "Prisoners".

La Terrazza

Fancy Restaurant

Nicholas Tanz is out smoking a cigar and drinking whiskey when his credit card is declined in episode 2x10 "Prisoners".


Cheakamus Centre

C.O.P.E. Retreat

Jillian accompanies Zoe to the retreat and then hands over plans for the railgun to Bass Shepherd in episode 2x10 "Prisoners". When Alonzo approaches the compound looking for Zoe, one of the C.O.P.E. members shoots him and the rest pull guns and dig in for a standoff with the police in episode 2x11 "Celebration Day".

The Permanent

C.O.P.E. Headquarters

Jillian takes Liam with her to C.O.P.E. to listen to Bass Shepherd and later he returns and sees something suspicious in episode 2x09 "The Manchurian Candidate". Bass Shepherd asks Jillian to help the cause and later Alonzo searches for Zoe but finds the place deserted in episode 2x10 "Prisoners".


Hamilton Street (between Pender & Hastings)


Alycia is getting into her car when she is arrested by the FBI in episode 2x10 "Prisoners".

Burnaby Central Park


The whole gang goes out to the park to watch Samson arrive in episode 2x13 "Get Ready".

Mammoth Studios


Darius, Grace, Jillian, and Liam go to the Pentagon to convince Harris to stop the missile launch in episode 2x13 "Get Ready".