Movies Filmed at 21 Don Roadway

21 Don Roadway, Toronto, ON M4M 3P2, Canada

The former home to a Lever Brothers factory dating back to 1892, this facility shut down and changed hands several times in the late 2000s and is now at the center of the large office and retail redevelopment.

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City of Bones Service Entrance

The gang works with werewolves and other Downworlders to stop Alec from bringing Meliorn to the City of Bones to be tortured in episode 1x09 "Rise Up".

Orphan Black

Club Neolution (exterior)

Sarah waits outside while Felix goes to investigate the Neolutionist nightclub in episode 1x07 "Parts Developed in an Unusual Manner".

Abandoned Industrial Area

Sarah goes to meet her surrogate mother Amelia only to find Helena has already arrived and killed her in episode 1x10 "Endless Forms Most Beautiful".


Sugar Point

The crew is shot down and crashes in the desolate Sugar Point industrial area and Dutch & D'Avin being searching the area while John works to fix the ship in episode 1x02 "The Sugar Point Run".

Badlands Outpost

John is being interrogated when Dutch arrives to save the day and capture their target in episode 1x01 "Bangarang".


Wallops Wipp Facility

Grace uses the information stolen from Harris's briefcase to steal some Uranium from a government facility in episode 1x02 "Another Trip Around the Sun".

Sherman-Hendricks National Laboratory

Harris's son Dylan is arrested during a nuclear weapons protest in episode 1x03 "Truth or Darius".


Abandoned Factory

Dick goes to save his old friend Clayton Williams who has been kidnapped by Nick Zucco in episode 1x06 "Jason Todd".