“Part 5” Filming Locations

Twin Peaks episode “Part 5” was filmed in Los Angeles, North Bend, & Snoqualmie in the United States of America.

DirtFish Rally School as Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department

Sheriff Truman talks to his brother on the phone and gets a visit from his wife.

25140 Huston Street as Jones House

Janey-E drives Sonny Jim off to school and Dougie off to work.

37890 Lopez Lane as Empty House

A group of thieves attempt to steal Dougie's car causing it to explode.

37889 Lopez Lane as Addict's House

The young boy goes outside to look at the car while his mom is passed out and is scared back inside by the thieves.

Twede's Cafe as Double R Diner

Becky comes into the diner to drop off a delivery and chats with Shelly before heading off with Steven.