“Far from the Tree” Filming Locations

Kara and J'onn head to Mars to help out M'gann while Alex convinces Maggie to invite her parents to their bridal shower.

Series: Supergirl Season 3, Episode 3
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Supergirl episode "Far from the Tree" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

European Food Importers as J'onn's Garage

J'onn takes Kara to the garage where he stashed his spaceship.


Thornton Park as Park near Pacific Central

Maggie goes to the bus station to pick up her father and they talk while walking through the park.


Station Street (between Prior & National) as Street behind Kara's Apartment

Maggie follows her father when he leaves the party and demands answers from him.

Harold's Custom Equipment Rentals as Under the Bridge

J'onn and Kara watch M'yrnn as he marvels at Earth.