“Triggers” Filming Locations

Kara has to deal with her greatest fears when a psychic bank robber uses them against her.

Series: Supergirl Season 3, Episode 2
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Supergirl episode "Triggers" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

8939 Hudson Bay Street as Sam's House

Sam wakes and gets Ruby ready for school and later they talk about Ruby's fight.

Walnut Grove Secondary as Davis Middle School

Sam drops Ruby off at school but has to return after Ruby gets into a fight.

Walnut Grove Secondary as West National City Bank

Kara tries to stop Psi from robbing a bank but she uses her powers to stop escape.

Downtown Parkade as National City Savings & Loan

Kara once again tries to stop Gayle Marsh but finds herself again debilitated by fear.


the hide out cafe as Pizza Place

Ruby is having pizza when she sees Psi attacking outside.


Carnarvon Street & Lorne Street as Corner Robbery

Ruby sees Psi robbing an armored car and decides to put herself in danger to see if her mother has superpowers.

New Westminster Court House as Building

Alex helps Kara work through her fears so she can face Psi.

Clarkson Street (between Begbie & McKenzie) as Alley near Robbery

Kara confronts Gayle Marsh as she is loading up her loot and is finally able to resist the fear.