Movies Filmed at Station Street (between Prior & National)

National Ave & Station St, Vancouver, BC V6A, Canada
Nearby Locations
Torafuku from The Magicians
30 m

Empty Lot (at 938 Main Street) from Deadly Class
34 m

Milross Avenue & Main Street from Frequency
62 m

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Liv and Clive are driving to interview another potential victim when they get a call about a shooting at Warmbloods in episode 5x02 “Dead Lift”.


Street behind Kara's Apartment

Maggie follows her father when he leaves the party and demands answers from him in episode 3x03 “Far from the Tree”. Kara and Mxyzptlk appear in the ruins of Kara's apartment in a dystopian reality where Kara never became friends with Lena in episode 5x13 “It's a Super Life”.

Lilac Lounge

Nia lures out Gregory Bauer with a dating profile and nearly kills him before being talked down by Kara in episode 5x15 “Reality Bytes”.


Thomas Goff's Hideout

Raimy tracks down Thomas Goff to one of his family's properties and spots him taking out the trash in episode 1x03 “The Near Far Problem”.

Hit by Cab

Thomas Goff intentionally walks in front of a taxi while being chased by Frank and Satch in episode 1x03 “The Near Far Problem”.