“Janus” Filming Locations

Marcus and Tomas help a possessed woman while on the run from her angry family while Andrew Kim and his foster children receive a visit from Family Services.

Series: The Exorcist Season 2, Episode 1
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The Exorcist episode "Janus" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Bowen Island Lodge as Nachburn Island Ferry Dock

Andrew waits for Rose at the island's ferry dock.


Martin Road Farm as Abandoned Barn

Tomas and Marcus take shelter in an old barn to finish their exorcism on Cindy.

Field near Lake (Deer Lake Park) as Old Well

Verity tells Caleb the tale of the island witch and the ritual with the old well while all of the kids are playing in the woods.

Deerholme as Andrew Kim's Home

Andy sends the kids off to school before getting the house ready for their visitor that evening.