Movies Filmed at Deerholme

6110 Price St, Burnaby, BC V5G 2L8, Canada

Constructed as retirement home for prominent B.C. resident Colonel Thomas Townley in 1913. The house became a historic place in 1992.

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6050 Price Street from A Dog's Breakfast
115 m

Field near Lake from Once Upon a Time and 2 other movies.
150 m

Deer Lake Dock from Legends of Tomorrow and 1 other movie.
261 m

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Legends of Tomorrow

Keith Mansion (exterior) [1776]

The Legends head to the home of William Keith to save General Washington and are ambushed by a brainwashed Rip Hunter as they leave in episode 2x11 “Turncoat”.

The Exorcist

Andrew Kim's Home

Andy sends the kids off to school before getting the house ready for their visitor that evening in episode 2x01 “Janus”. Andy tries to convince Rose not to file a report on Caleb's behavior while looking into why it happened in episode 2x02 “Safe as Houses”. Andy is spending time outside with Grace when a flock of birds crash into the house in episode 2x03 “Unclean”.

Appears in 6 additional episodes.
One For Sorrow

Andy prepares the kids to welcome the new addition to their home.

There But for the Grace of God, Go I

Andy tells everyone that they are going away camping for the night and that evening Tomas searches the house for clues.

Darling Nikki

Rose invites the priests over for dinner so they can have a change to evaluate Andy.

Help Me

Andy relives his memories of Nikki and the kids before and after her death.

A Heaven of Hell

Rose brings Verity to the house to help draw Andy out.


The police arrive at the house and take out the body.