The Exorcist Filming Locations

Part of the Exorcist Collection

The Exorcist was filmed in Vancouver, Burnaby, West Vancouver, & Delta in Canada.


Andrew Kim's Home

Andy sends the kids off to school before getting the house ready for their visitor that evening in episode 2x01 “Janus”. Andy tries to convince Rose not to file a report on Caleb's behavior while looking into why it happened in episode 2x02 “Safe as Houses”. Andy is spending time outside with Grace when a flock of birds crash into the house in episode 2x03 “Unclean”.

Appears in 6 additional episodes.
One For Sorrow

Andy prepares the kids to welcome the new addition to their home.

There But for the Grace of God, Go I

Andy tells everyone that they are going away camping for the night and that evening Tomas searches the house for clues.

Darling Nikki

Rose invites the priests over for dinner so they can have a change to evaluate Andy.

Help Me

Andy relives his memories of Nikki and the kids before and after her death.

A Heaven of Hell

Rose brings Verity to the house to help draw Andy out.


The police arrive at the house and take out the body.

Field near Lake (Deer Lake Park)

Old Well

Verity tells Caleb the tale of the island witch and the ritual with the old well while all of the kids are playing in the woods in episode 2x01 “Janus”. Rose talks to Andy about the kids while he is boarding up the old well in episode 2x02 “Safe as Houses”. Verity follows Truck to the old house beside the well and he attacks her while under the demon's control. At the same time Tomas has a vision of a mother throwing her child down the well in episode 2x05 “There But for the Grace of God, Go I”.

Appears in 4 additional episodes.
Darling Nikki

Rose explains the events of the night before to Tomas and Marcus and they ask her to let them observe Andy.

Help Me

Andy wanders past the well looking for Nikki with her morning coffee.

Ritual & Repetition

Andy takes Rose and the kids to the cabin and ties everyone up before deciding who to kill.


The police arrive outside the cabin where they find Andy.

Sunset Marina

Nachburn Island Ferry Dock

Tomas and Marcus arrive on the island with Harper and Grace in episode 2x04 “One For Sorrow”. Rose is buying tickets for the trip to the mainland when she realizes that Verity is missing in episode 2x08 “A Heaven of Hell”. Andy convinces the kids that he is cured and drives them away in episode 2x09 “Ritual & Repetition”.


Marcus and Tomas sit at the bar at night discussing the island and their faith in episode 2x04 “One For Sorrow”.

Seattle Ferry Dock

Mouse ambushes two of the agent hunting her in episode 2x09 “Ritual & Repetition”.

Youth Custody Services Centre

King County Juvenile Detention Centre

Rose and Andy visit Truck the facility where he is being held for observation in episode 2x06 “Darling Nikki”. Rose visits Truck and tells him that she has found him a new home in episode 2x10 “Unworthy”.

Seattle Hospital

Rose is interviewed by the FBI and then Tomas delivers a final message to the kids from Andy in episode 2x10 “Unworthy”.


Marcus waits for Tomas outside the motel and asks about his visions in episode 2x06 “Darling Nikki”.

St. Andrew's-Wesley United Church

Antwerp Church

Father Bennett waits in a church for Mouse who makes him take communion before meeting with him in episode 2x03 “Unclean”.

Chicago Church

The demon shows Tomas a vision of his life at the fancy perish back in Chicago in episode 2x09 “Ritual & Repetition”.

Martin Road Farm

Abandoned Barn

Tomas and Marcus take shelter in an old barn to finish their exorcism on Cindy in episode 2x01 “Janus”. Shelby and his cousin hold Marcus and Tomas in the barn while waiting to see if Cindy survives in episode 2x02 “Safe as Houses”.

2400 Court Motel

Pacifica Motel & Bungalows

Marcus tells Tomas that he is leaving and Mouse says she will be joining Tomas in episode 2x10 “Unworthy”.

Whytecliff Park

Island Shore

Marcus finds Peter Osborne taking samples from the beach and asks him questions about the strange occurrences on the island in episode 2x04 “One For Sorrow”.

657 37th Avenue West

Somerset General Hospital

Tomas and Marcus are brought to the hospital after the demon inside Cindy starts to cause a ruckus in episode 2x02 “Safe as Houses”.

Crab Park


Marcus hears a voice about Tomas while looking out over the water in episode 2x10 “Unworthy”.

Deer Lake Dock (Deer Lake Park)


Andy sits on the dock with his friend Ted Holmstrom and tells him about the strange things going on with his kids in episode 2x03 “Unclean”.

3774 Cambridge Street

Lorraine's House

Tomas and Marcus find themselves in a disagreement over a potential possession case in Seattle in episode 2x03 “Unclean”.

Bowen Island Lodge

Nachburn Island Ferry Dock

Andrew waits for Rose at the island's ferry dock in episode 2x01 “Janus”.