“Wake Up Call” Filming Locations

Joanna returns to her home town to help settle a case against a pharmaceutical company after several people get seizures after receiving their vaccine.

Burden of Truth episode “Wake Up Call” was filmed in Selkirk & Winnipeg in Canada.

Travelers Building as Joanna's Apartment

Joanna and Alan discuss their upcoming meeting in the morning.

Centrepoint as Carver Thatcher Stokes

Joanna and Alan pitch their involvement to the pharmaceutical company.

River Road Bridge as Welcome to Millwood Sign

Joanna drives past the town sign and across the bridge into town.

Churchill High School as Millwood High School (front/interior)

Joanna visits the school that the afflicted girls attended and runs into her old friend Diane.

Summerscales House as Matheson House

Joanna brings the settlement offer to Ben Matheson and after he refuses she gets the now 18 year old Taylor to sign instead.

Veterans Memorial Gardens as Park

Joanna is sitting in the park after securing the settlements and has a conversation with Diane.

Riverside Grill as Riverside Grill

Joanna grabs some lunch and has a conversation with the waitress who collapses with the same symptoms as the other girls.

Misericordia Health Centre as Winnipeg Hospital

Joanna accompanies Molly to the hospital and learns from her girlfriend Luna that she never received the vaccine.

The Bronze Boot Tavern as The Boot Tavern

Billy takes Joanna out for drinks to discuss the case and one of the locals punches Joanna in the face for something her father did.

233 Manitoba Avenue as Crawford & Associates

Joanna tells Billy that she is going to stay and help with the case.