Movies Filmed at Summerscales House

1168 River Rd N, Saint Andrews, MB R1A 4A1, Canada

A historic home dating back to 1913.

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Burden of Truth

Matheson House

Joanna brings the settlement offer to Ben Matheson and after he refuses she gets the now 18 year old Taylor to sign instead in episode 1x01 “Wake Up Call”. Taylor's father watches as she leaves home in episode 1x02 “The Ties That Bind”. Ben Matheson gives Taylor a letter from college and then tells her to cheer up because they won the lawsuit in episode 1x07 “Ducks on the Pond”.

Appears in 3 additional episodes.
Hang Together

Taylor wants to go in to be with the other girls but her father doesn't want her to leave the house.

Cause In Fact

Ben asks Taylor into convincing the girls to take the settlement and she asks him to apologize to them first.

Salesman, Cheats and Liars

Billy tries to settle the final issues in Ben Matheson's divorce but he says he will only agree if Billy gets a letter to his daughter.