“The Ties That Bind” Filming Locations

Joanna rushes to collect enough evidence to convince her firm that they should take the case.

Series: Burden of Truth Season 1, Episode 2
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Burden of Truth episode "The Ties That Bind" was filmed in Winnipeg & Selkirk in Canada.
Show Map

Selkirk Inn & Conference Centre as Motel

Joanna talks to Alan on the phone while working on the case in the morning and the next evening she returns to find Alan waiting to talk.


Manitoba Avenue (between Main & Eveline) as Millwood Main Street

Billy brings Joanna coffee in the morning and then Officer Beckbie tells him to check on John.


Misericordia Health Centre as Winnipeg Hospital

Joanna tries to convince Taylor of her good intentions and then oversees the tests on all of the victims.


201 Portage as Carver Thatcher Stokes

Joanna calls her father on the phone and he tells her to return to the city.


Riverside Grill as Riverside Grill

Joanna and Billy discuss their interviews with the girls and try to figure out the common cause.


Churchill High School as Millwood High School (front/interior)

Diane takes Joanna through the school to take samples from the girls' locker room.


Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive Secondary School as Millwood High School (back/field)

Diane and Joanna talk about their lives apart and later Joanna and Billy run through the trees to find the girls playing on the field next to the farm.


233 Manitoba Avenue as Crawford & Associates

Officer Beckbie interviews John about the case while Billy represents him.


The Bronze Boot Tavern as The Boot Tavern

Joanna talks to her father about the recent developments in the case and Diane tells Billy and her about the field.


Selkirk Waterfront as Waterfront

Joanna asks Diane what happened with her father and the town.


Veterans Memorial Gardens as Park

Billy tries to reassure his niece about her plans for her future.


Summerscales House as Matheson House

Taylor's father watches as she leaves home.