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Burden of Truth

Crawford & Associates

Joanna tells Billy that she is going to stay and help with the case in episode 1x01 “Wake Up Call”. Officer Beckbie interviews John about the case while Billy represents him in episode 1x02 “The Ties That Bind”. Joanna and Billy call Molly to ask her to be the named plaintiff in the case in episode 1x03 “Still Waters”.

Appears in 7 additional episodes.
Family Ties

Joanna tells Billy that she is going to leave down and then Gerrilyn Spence comes by to order Joanna to stay away from Luna.

Witch Hunt

Billy finds Joanna in the office early on the weekend and tells her about his runin with the guys from the mill.

Devil in the Desert

Joanna and Billy find the office broken into and Joanna's laptop stolen.

Ducks on the Pond

Luna comes into the office to find something to do and tells Billy about the NDA.

Hang Together

Alan brings a $2 million settlement offer but only for Molly.

Home to Roost

Luna and Billy struggle to dig through mounts of paperwork provided by the mill and then they prep Molly for the deposition.

Cause In Fact

David visits with a settlement offer while Joanna and Billy are sitting in the dark after their power is cut off.