“Rewind” Filming Locations

The day before the PRIDE meeting, the parents navigate their own issues while preparing for the big final sacrifice.

Series: Runaways Season 1, Episode 2
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Runaways episode "Rewind" was filmed in Los Angeles in United States of America.
Show Map

Angeles Abbey Memorial Park as PRIDE Temple

The kids manage to escape the temple before their parents see them and earlier their parents prepare for the sacrifice.


Skirball Cultural Center as Church of Gibborim

Frank meets with his agent who fires him and later he searches for answers in the church offices.


2210 Bowmont Drive as Minoru House

Tina gets into a disagreement with Robert over Amy's old room and she ends up sealing it with her magic.


Moorpark Street & La Maida Street as Cross Walk

Stacey and Dale talk while stopped by a crossing guard.


Los Angeles Produce Market as PRIDE Construction Site

Darius Davis brings some of his goons to the construction site and demands to chat with Geoffrey.


Los Angeles Produce Market as Bus Depot

Destiny is at the depot to catch a bus back home but Leslie convinces her to stay bit longer.


1366 East Palm Street as Dean House

Frank arrives home and tells Leslie that he wants to go all-in with the church. Later, Karolina sits by the pool and texts Destiny.