Movies Filmed at Los Angeles Produce Market

915 S San Pedro St, Los Angeles, CA 90015, USA
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966 Market Hotel from Runaways
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Momo Korean Restaurant from Runaways
92 m

Alley (south of Wall, east of 9th) from Runaways
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You're the Worst

Fireworks Lot

The gang fires fireworks at Edgar as part of immersion therapy while he is high in episode 3x06 "The Last Sunday Funday".


PRIDE Construction Site

Darius Davis brings some of his goons to the construction site and demands to chat with Geoffrey in episode 1x02 "Rewind". Members of the Church of Gibborim as PRIDE prepares the start drilling into the ground in episode 1x09 "Doomsday". The kids try to hold off their parents but things change when Jonas arrives in episode 1x10 "Hostile". Appears in 3 more episodes.

Bus Depot

Destiny gets off the bus in Los Angeles in episode 1x01 "Reunion". Destiny is at the depot to catch a bus back home but Leslie convinces her to stay bit longer in episode 1x02 "Rewind". The kids attempt to catch a bus out of town but are thwarted when they see a news broadcast blaming them for the murder of Destiny in episode 1x10 "Hostile".


Empty Lot

Supergirl takes the fight against Reactron from the fundraiser to an empty lot in episode 1x03 "Fight or Flight".

Landing in Town

Alex and Hank land in town and Hank struggles to shield Alex and himself from the Myriad signal in episode 1x19 "Myriad".