“Reunion” Filming Locations

Alex tries to gather his childhood friends together for a night of fun after years apart during their parents' annual meeting.

Series: Runaways Season 1, Episode 1
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Runaways episode "Reunion" was filmed in Los Angeles in United States of America.
Show Map

Los Angeles Produce Market as Bus Depot

Destiny gets off the bus in Los Angeles.


North Saint Andrews Place (between Virginia & Santa Monica) as Payphone

Destiny is harassed by two guys after trying to make a phone call.


Launderland Coin Laundry as Laundromat

Destiny asks around in a laundromat looking for somewhere to stay.


2210 Bowmont Drive as Minoru House

Tina catches Nico taking clothes from Amy's room which she has said is off limits.


25010 Thousand Peaks Road as Stein House

Chase has breakfast with his parents after working out in his room in the morning.


Skirball Cultural Center as Church of Gibborim

Leslie puts on a sermon for her congregation and afterwards Karolina gives an interview before speaking with Destiny.


McBridge High School as Atlas Academy

Alex tries to get his old childhood friends to meet up during the annual PRIDE event but they are all busy in their own lives.


McNally Estate as Yorkes House

Molly arrives home from school alone and later she gets worried and calls Gert.


Will Rogers Beach as Beach

Nico attempts a ritual around a bonfire on the beach for her sister.


Viento Y Agua Coffee House as Coffee Shop

Gert arranges to meet Chase for a study session but he never shows.


The Beckett Mansion as Frat Party

Karolina is having a good time on the dance floor but passes out from some sketchy drugs leading to Chase rescuing her from two of his rapist teammates.


Angeles Abbey Memorial Park as PRIDE Temple

The kids walk down into a secret chamber beneath Alex's house and discover their parents performing some sort of strange ritual with Destiny.