“Mea Culpa” Filming Locations

While Marcus recovers from his injuries, Sydney heads out to recover financial information from Ineni Hassan while she is suspected of being the mole.

Series: Alias Season 1, Episode 9
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Alias episode "Mea Culpa" was filmed in Los Angeles in United States of America.
Show Map

Bronson Canyon (Griffith Park) as Mt. Aconcagua

Sydney finds Marcus seriously injured after escaping the cave and uses her CIA-supplied radio to call for help.

Source: IMDb


Buena Vista Commissary (Disney Studios) as Coffee Shop

Francie and Will give Sydney sympathy after she tells them the cover story about Marcus's injury.


The Majestic Halls as Bank

A group of bank robbers break into the bank as a cover for a money transer.


The Walt Disney Studios as Cafe

Vaughn gives Sydney info on the upcoming mission and tells her to complete it as normal.


Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary as Roman Villa

Sydney parachutes down and infiltrates the party to steal financial information.

Source: IMDb


7th Street & South Spring Street as 7th & Spring

Will gets a call from his source on the other end of the bug who wants to know how far he'll go for the truth.


The Majestic Halls as Omnicorp Incorporated Bank

Sydney and Anthony Russek infiltrate a bank in Geneva to recover the account numbers stored in a safe deposit box.