Movies Filmed at Bronson Canyon

Part of Griffith Park
2887-2927 Canyon Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90068, USA
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Also known as Brush Canyon, this portion of Griffith Park is popular for filming due to its remote and rugged appearance. The distinctive cave is actually a tunnel created when the canyon was used as a quarry in the early 1900s.

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3400 N Beachwood Drive from Mulholland Dr.
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New Girl


Jess and Robby take shelter in a cave during their ill-fated hike in episode 6x14 "The Hike".



One of the drones chases Nico and Karolina to a rock tunnel where they manage to seal it outside in episode 2x13 "Split Up".

Twin Peaks

Owl Cave


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Star Trek: The Next Generation

El-Adrel IV

From episode 5x02 "Darmok".

Source: Memory Alpha

Refugee Camp on Valo II

From episode 5x03 "Ensign Ro".

Source: Memory Alpha

Kesprytt III

From episode 7x08 "Attached".

Source: Memory Alpha

Boraal II

From episode 7x13 "Homeward".

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Mt. Aconcagua

Marcus and Sydney hike to the coordinates they found in the clock to where Rambaldi hid something in episode 1x08 "Time Will Tell". Sydney finds Marcus seriously injured after escaping the cave and uses her CIA-supplied radio to call for help in episode 1x09 "Mea Culpa".

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Rambaldi Cavern

Sydney locates Rambaldi's journel buried in a cafe under the mountain only to have Anna Espinosa find her in episode 1x08 "Time Will Tell".

Hail, Caesar!

Jesus Set

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Star Trek

Omicron Ceti III (hillside)

From episode 1x24 "This Side of Paradise".

Source: Memory Alpha

892-IV Valley

From episode 2x25 "Bread and Circuses".

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Highway Patrol

Art stolen from a panel van in episode 1x34 "Art Robbery".

Source: IMDb

Star Trek: Voyager

Planet's Surface

From episode 2x01 "The 37's".

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Alien Planet

From episode 1x10 "State of Flux".


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Wonder Woman

From episode 3x07 "Time Bomb".

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Under the Silver Lake

Crypt Bar

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Hidden Hut

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