“Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash” Filming Locations

Barry sets the team to investigate his prison buddy's conviction which leads to a meta with the power to shrink people and objects. Meanwhile, Cecile experiences a very odd side effect from her pregnancy.

The Flash episode “Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash” was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.

Queen Elizabeth Theatre as Kord Industries Ribbon Cutting

The new mayor is giving a press conference for the new 'meta-human proof' Kord Industries building when the entire skyscraper disappears.

Buller Studio as Alley behind Sylbert Rundin's Apartment

Sylbert Rundin parachutes out of his apartment and when the team chases him he shrinks Cisco and Ralph.

Heli-One (YDT) as Central City Weather Services Agency (interior)

Sylbert Rundin miniaturizes an advanced weather dirigible and Team Flash arrives with a plan to embiggen Cisco and Ralph.