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Attack in Alley

Laurel tries to jump Michael Ancona in an alley but is beaten up in episode #303 "Corto Maltese".

Sara Shot

Sara is shot and killed shortly after talking with Laurel in episode #301 "The Calm". Merlyn shows Oliver footage of the murder revealing the shooter in episode #309 "The Climb".

Alley behind Police Station

Oliver meets with Lance behind the police station to exchange information in episode #303 "Sara". Various other events happen here throughout the following seasons.


In episode #105 "Damaged".

Maseo on Rooftop

Oliver doesn't kill Maseo on a rooftop at the start of episode #320 "The Fallen".

Fire Escape

Roy spies on Nyssa searching Sara's old apartment in episode #304 "The Magician".

Outside Wildcats Gym

Laurel leaves the gym and is watched by Carrie Cutter in episode #306 "Guilty".

Zanzibar (exterior)

Diggle waits outside the nightclub while Oliver and Ted Grant search inside in episode #306 "Guilty".

Coast City Rooftop

Oliver flails around trying to stop criminals in Coast City during a flashback in episode #401 "Green Arrow".

Star City Hall

Thea tries and fails to prevent the assassination of one of the government leaders in episode #401 "Green Arrow".

Mina Fayad in Alley

Diggle gets caught watching Mina Fayad and ends up in a gunfight in episode #403 "Restoration".


Thea and Diggle head to a nightclub to buy drugs from one of Thea's old dealers in episode #404 "Beyond Redemption".

Alley behind Big Belly Burger

A woman is attacked in an alley and rescued by Sara who then attacks the woman in episode #405 "Haunted".

Outside Nightclub

Laurel stops Sara from attacking another woman at a club when Oliver and Thea arrive in episode #405 "Haunted".

Beating up Ghosts

Oliver beats up a bunch of Ghosts while trying to find the location of Felicity, Thea, and Diggle in episode #409 "Dark Waters".

Alan Chang's Body

Laurel distracts the police while Diggle examine's Chang's body in episode #411 "A.W.O.L.".

Pacific Freeport

The team infiltrates the secure facility where the other two kidnapped agents were tracked to in episode #411 "A.W.O.L.".

Drug Dealer Lair

The group of corrupt cops attacks some drug dealers and ends up killing another police officer in episode #404 "Beyond Redemption".

Convenience Mart

Diggle gets a text about his brother after picking up some diapers in episode #420 "Genesis".

Chase Jump

Wild Dog jumps from one rooftop to another while chasing a criminal in episode #502 "The Recruits".

AmerTek (alley)

Thea witnesses the AmerTek executive Janet Carroll arranging an arms sale to Church in episode #502 "The Recruits".

Club XLR8

Church is attacked by the mysterious archer who warns him off of attacking the Green Arrow in episode #502 "The Recruits".

Alley behind Drug Lab

Rene and Evelyn head to where Rene believes the drugs are being made for some 'reconnaissance' in episode #503 "A Matter of Trust".

SCPD Evidence Facility

Lance and Chase are escorting the evidence from the Kord Industries break-in to lockup when Church assaults the facility in episode #504 "Penance".

Stalking the Streets

Team Arrow hunts down members of Church's crew trying to find the location where Rene is being held in episode #505 "Human Target".

Trap Alley

Rory ties up one of Eric Dunn's former cohorts after Evelyn lures him into an alley to get information in episode #507 "Vigilante".


Evelyn meets with Prometheus on a rooftop at the end of episode #507 "Vigilante".