“The Wrong Man” Filming Locations

Kovacs learns the true identify of his sleeve and teams up with Ortega to investigate a tip from Poe.

Series: Altered Carbon Season 1, Episode 5
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Altered Carbon episode "The Wrong Man" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

J.J. Warehouse as Warehouse

Ryker interrogates a CTAC officer for information about Mary Lou's recoding but Ortega arrives before she goes too far.

Marine Building as Bancroft Estate (lobby)

Kovaks forces his way through security to talk to Laurens Bancroft but only finds Miriam home.

Catalyst Paper Corporation as Quarantine Warehouse

Kovaks talks to Bancroft while he is visiting infected children.

Canada Post Main Office as Fight Drome

Ortega and Kovaks follow up on a tip from Poe and find footage of Laurens Bancroft assaulting his son on the night of his murder.

Canada Post Main Office as BCPD Fell Street Station

Kovaks chases the elevator down to save Ortega after spotting the Ghostwalker posing as a police officer.