“Man with My Face” Filming Locations

Ortega recovers while Kovacs delivers an update to the Bancrofts but realizes the true killer is still at large.

Series: Altered Carbon Season 1, Episode 6
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Altered Carbon episode "Man with My Face" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Canada Post Main Office as Hospital (lobby)

Kovacs has to use his credit to get Ortega into the hospital when her own is insufficient.

Waterfall Building as Hospital (surgery)

Ortega's life is saved by emergency surgery under Kovacs' supervision.

Canada Post Main Office as BCPD Fell Street Station

Prescott demands the release of Bancroft's clone while the attack from the day before is still being cleaned up.


Telus Garden as Fancy Building

Mr. Leung brings Dimi to meet with their boss who gives him a hard time for his alternate's attack on Kovacs.

Vancouver Convention Centre as Sergei Brevlov's Apartment

Kovaks takes Elliot with him to interrogate Sergei Brevlov who financed Isaac's cloning operation.

Canada Post Main Office as Fight Drome

Dimi is needlecast into the Kovaks clone and later the real Kovacs and Ortega are kidnapped for a fight.