Altered Carbon Filming Locations

In the far future where people can move between bodies to escape death, the lone surviving soldier from a long lost war is awoken to solve a mystery.

Altered Carbon was filmed in Vancouver, Squamish, & Britannia Beach in Canada.
Show Map

Minaty Bay


Kovaks remembers playing with his sister on the shore when both of them were young in episode 1x01 "Out of the Past". Quell reveals her connection to the stacks to Tak and they have sex in episode 1x07 "Nora Inu".

Canada Post Main Office

Raven Hotel (roof)

Kovaks thinks about past battles after the firefight in the lobby in episode 1x01 "Out of the Past".

Kristin Ortega's Home

Ortega wakes up in the morning and asks her tracking program to inform her if Kovaks moves in episode 1x02 "Fallen Angel". Ortega brings her grandmother home in a borrowed sleeve to celebrate Día de los Muertos with the rest of the family in episode 1x04 "Force of Evil". Kovacs reveals to Ortega that the duplicate body survived in episode 1x10 "The Killers".

BCPD Fell Street Station

Ortega trains aggressively with Aboud in the morning before work in episode 1x02 "Fallen Angel". Kovaks chases the elevator down to save Ortega after spotting the Ghostwalker posing as a police officer in episode 1x05 "The Wrong Man". Prescott demands the release of Bancroft's clone while the attack from the day before is still being cleaned up in episode 1x06 "Man with My Face".

A.I. Card Game

Poe meets with a group of A.I.s for their regular game and tells them that he finally has a new guest in episode 1x02 "Fallen Angel". Poe loses at a game of cards and infects him with Rawling in episode 1x08 "Clash by Night".

Wei Clinic

Kovaks wakes up strapped to a gurney in a strange hospital in episode 1x03 "In a Lonely Place". Kovaks is virtually tortured by Dimitri Kadmin and slowly uses his training to break free in episode 1x04 "Force of Evil".

Fight Drome

Ortega and Kovaks follow up on a tip from Poe and find footage of Laurens Bancroft assaulting his son on the night of his murder in episode 1x05 "The Wrong Man". Dimi is needlecast into the Kovaks clone and later the real Kovacs and Ortega are kidnapped for a fight in episode 1x06 "Man with My Face".

Hospital (lobby)

Kovacs has to use his credit to get Ortega into the hospital when her own is insufficient in episode 1x06 "Man with My Face".

Crease Clinic (Riverview Hospital)

Alcatraz Prison

Kovacs is put through orientation with the other awoken prisoners and then taken for a meeting with the warden in episode 1x01 "Out of the Past".

Marine Building

Bancroft Estate (lobby)

Miriam Bancroft takes Kovacs into the mansion and shows off the Song Spire Tree that she had imported in episode 1x01 "Out of the Past". Kovaks mingles in the party as a guest while Elliot poses as a waiter. Ortega spots Kovaks in the crowd and then heads off to talk with the fighters in episode 1x03 "In a Lonely Place". Kovaks forces his way through security to talk to Laurens Bancroft but only finds Miriam home in episode 1x05 "The Wrong Man". Ortega shows off a video of Rei's confession during a gathering and then both Laurens and Miriam are arrested in episode 1x10 "The Killers".


No. 5 Orange

Strip Club

Ortega takes Kovaks out for drinks in episode 1x01 "Out of the Past".

Rose Garden (UBC)

Bancroft Estate (garden)

Ortega takes the car in for a rough landing in the garden and Kovacs learns that she is a police officer and she learns he is an Envoy in episode 1x01 "Out of the Past". Kovaks arrives at the party with his pink backpack and after the party he joins back up with Elliot and Ortega in episode 1x03 "In a Lonely Place".

Aerospace Technology Campus (BCIT)

Psychasec (interior)

Kovaks talks to the employees at the company the manufactures the Bancroft's clone sleeves and watches as Laurens Bancroft needlecasts back from overseas in episode 1x02 "Fallen Angel".

Museum of Anthropology (UBC)

Bay City Museum of Anthropology

Kovaks visits an exhibit on the rebellion he once fought in to remember Quell in episode 1x02 "Fallen Angel".

Garrison (exterior)

The rebel team infiltrates the garrison to steal the codes needed to needlecast to the central core in episode 1x07 "Nora Inu".

1333 West Georgia Street

Psychasec (exterior)

Prescott escorts Kovacs to the company where the Bancroft sleeves are manufactured in episode 1x02 "Fallen Angel".


Grover Road Dock


Two people are out fishing when a body falls from the sky in episode 1x02 "Fallen Angel".

The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts (UBC)

Bancroft Estate (fight room)

Ortega checks the identification of the two fighters and later the party guests watch the fight in episode 1x03 "In a Lonely Place".

Catalyst Paper Corporation

Quarantine Warehouse

Kovaks talks to Bancroft while he is visiting infected children in episode 1x05 "The Wrong Man".


J.J. Warehouse


Ryker interrogates a CTAC officer for information about Mary Lou's recoding but Ortega arrives before she goes too far in episode 1x05 "The Wrong Man".

Waterfall Building

Hospital (surgery)

Ortega's life is saved by emergency surgery under Kovacs' supervision in episode 1x06 "Man with My Face".

Vancouver Convention Centre

Sergei Brevlov's Apartment

Kovaks takes Elliot with him to interrogate Sergei Brevlov who financed Isaac's cloning operation in episode 1x06 "Man with My Face".

Head in the Clouds (docking bay 3)

Elliot enters the facility disguised as a general while Kovaks hides in his car's trunk in episode 1x09 "Rage in Heaven".


Telus Garden

Fancy Building

Mr. Leung brings Dimi to meet with their boss who gives him a hard time for his alternate's attack on Kovacs in episode 1x06 "Man with My Face".


Sea to Sky Gondola Summit Lodge

Echo Bridge

Tak wakes up tied to the middle of a bridge surrounded by rebel troops as Quell attempts to recruit him for the cause in episode 1x07 "Nora Inu".

Britannia Mine Museum

Yakuza Base

Tak leads a CTAC assault team on his home planet but turns on them after encountering his sister in episode 1x07 "Nora Inu".


Widgeon Slough North Dock

Coolant Pool

Young Tak and Rei watch their father destroy their mother's body after murdering her in episode 1x07 "Nora Inu".


Clearing off Quarry Road


Tak and Rei head through a clearing to the woods they once explored as children in episode 1x07 "Nora Inu".

BC Place Stadium

Head in the Clouds (roof)

Mary Lou Henchy is chased to the roof by Rei and decides to jump off rather than be captured in episode 1x09 "Rage in Heaven".

The Ironworks

Ortega Family Home

Mr. Leung murder's Kristen's entire family on Rei's orders in episode 1x09 "Rage in Heaven". Mr. Leung tortures Ortega by repeatedly showing her the murder of her family in episode 1x10 "The Killers".