“Witch Hunt” Filming Locations

A sermon by Amanda's father begins to turn the town against the girls and the lawsuit after she comes down with symptoms herself.

Burden of Truth episode “Witch Hunt” was filmed in Selkirk & Winnipeg in Canada.

233 Manitoba Avenue as Crawford & Associates

Billy finds Joanna in the office early on the weekend and tells her about his runin with the guys from the mill.

224 Maple Drive as Spence House

Luna gives her mother a laptop from work and encourages her to work on her GED.

Churchill High School as Millwood High School (front/interior)

Diane and Joanna talk about the sermon while walking to the school and Molly is called in for a dress code violation and sent home. Later, Luna, Molly, and Amanda crash the prom after all of the sick girls are banned.

Selkirk Waterfront as Waterfront

Diane talks to Jack Lewis about his daughter Georgia and later Joanna finds Alan waiting to talk with her.

Riverside Grill as Riverside Grill

Joanna asks Owen for a favor running a DNA test to see is she and Luna are related.

The Bronze Boot Tavern as The Boot Tavern

Luna and Joanna follow a note to the bar where Molly has put together an alternative prom.