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Burden of Truth

Ross House

Molly gets a call from Billy and Joanna and later she falls in the shower in episode 1x03 “Still Waters”. Molly and her mother come home after their impromptu shopping trip in episode 1x05 “Witch Hunt”. Billy picks Molly up for court and later Dr. Williams comes by for dinner to talk about his alternate diagnosis in episode 1x06 “Devil in the Desert”.

Appears in 4 additional episodes.
Ducks on the Pond

Molly and Luna discuss college and then talk about Molly's treatment with Dr. Williams.

Hang Together

Luna spills the beans about the settlement offer to Molly but then Billy arrives to explain what it would mean for the other girls.

Home to Roost

Molly makes herself breakfast and then is picked up by Billy for the deposition.

Cause In Fact

Molly and Luna clean Molly's car in preparation of selling it if they lose the judgement.