“Devil in the Desert” Filming Locations

Joanna's old firm uses a series of dirty tricks an attempt to shut down the case while a medical expert arrives claiming that the symptoms have another cause.

Series: Burden of Truth Season 1, Episode 6
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Burden of Truth episode "Devil in the Desert" was filmed in Selkirk in Canada.
Show Map

233 Manitoba Avenue as Crawford & Associates

Joanna and Billy find the office broken into and Joanna's laptop stolen.


Selkirk & District Regional Hospital as Millwood Hospital

The medical expert Dr. Williams interviews the girls about their symptoms but he comes to a different conclusion.


224 Maple Drive as Spence House

Luna comes home and realizes there isn't any food around.


213 Dorchester Avenue as Ross House

Billy picks Molly up for court and later Dr. Williams comes by for dinner to talk about his alternate diagnosis.


Selkirk & District Regional Hospital as Empty Lot

Owen talks Mercer to report and update on the break in but his boss tells him to drop the case.


The Marine Museum of Manitoba as Waterfront

Joanna talks about the case with Diane who tries to talk her out of taking the low road and later Joanna threatens to reveal Alan's dirty tricks to the judge.


Selkirk Inn & Conference Centre as Motel

Joanna is attacked in her motel room but manages to get the attackers license plate number.


Black Cat Foundry as Matheson Steel

Billy, Joanna, and Molly head inside for the depositions.


Selkirk Waterfront as Waterfront

Joanna thinks by the river after deciding to leave town.