“Familiar” Filming Locations

When a young child is brutally murdered in a small town, Mulder and Scully upset the town by investigating the strange forces at work.

Series: The X-Files Season 11, Episode 8
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The X-Files episode "Familiar" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Garibaldi Park as Ash Hill Park

A young boy is playing in the park when he sees a full sized version of his doll beckoning him in the woods.

Lynn Canyon Park as Eastwood Forest

Andrew Eggers follows the creepy figure into the woods and soon after his mother Diana follows looking for him.

St. Helen's Anglican Church as Eastwood Church

The whole town attends the funeral for Andrew Eggers and afterwards Officer Wentworth ends up telling the boy's father about the profile Scully came up with.

Source: IMDb

North Shore Studios as Town of Eastwood Police Department (interior)

Officer Eggers identifies a local sexual predator while Scully talks to the Chief of Police.


Hillside Community Church as Town of Eastwood Police Department (exterior)

Scully follows the Chief outside and they see Officer Eggers speeding off in a squad car.


McIntosh Avenue (between 224 & Haney) as Street near Station

Officer Eggers races down the street away from the station.


McIntosh Avenue (between 223 & 224) as Eastwood Street

The Chief and Scully chase Officer Eggers through town.


Hillside Community Church as Eastwood Courthouse (interior)

Mulder and Scully sit in on Officer Eggers arraignment for the murder of Melvin Peter.


Randy Herman Centre for Community Safety as Eastwood Courthouse (exterior)

Officer Wentworth hands over Melvin Peter's alibi to to Scully and Mulder after the hearing.