Movies Filmed at Pharmaceutical Sciences Building

Part of The University of British Columbia
Pharmaceutical Sciences Building, The University of British Columbia, 2405 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3, Canada
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Thunderbird Parkade from Psych and 1 other movie.
74 m

Life Sciences Centre from Arrow and 2 other movies.
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Thunderbird Winter Sports Centre from Psych and 1 other movie.
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The Flash

Stagg Industries (exterior/lobby)

Barry and Iris attend an award ceremony which is attacked in episode 1x02 "Fastest Man Alive".

You Me Her


Emma celebrates the completion of her first big project with her coworkers at her new architectural firm in episode 3x01 "Dickless in Seattle". Kylie tries to talk with Emma after finding her spacing out in her office in episode 3x04 "Inconceivable!". As Emma prepares for her interview for the new job she realizes just how much time it would take away from her loved ones in episode 3x10 "You Be You And I'll Be Me".


Klamath Electronics

Backstrom and Gravely question an employee about the bomb detonator in episode 1x07 "Enemy of My Enemies".