“Harry and the Harrisons” Filming Locations

The team seeks out an old enemy for help taking down DeVoe's satellites and Harry reconvenes the Council of Wells.

Series: The Flash Season 4, Episode 21
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The Flash episode "Harry and the Harrisons" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Astoria Hotel as O'Shaughnessy's

Caitlin and Barry return to Amunet's hideout but only find her old henchman Norvock who has turned it into a boxing gym.


Tosi Italian Food Import Co. as Tosi

Caitlin and Joe look for Amunet at her old place of employment and find her running an illegal poker game in the back room.


Trapp Avenue Railyard as Amunet's Stash

Barry and Caitlin investigate Amunet's old stash to locate who stole the metal.


Port Mann Power Station as Abandoned Reynold Substation

Amunet and Team Flash interrupt Norvock as he is trying to sell the metal he stole from Amunet's stash.