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769 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1R3, Canada
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Ted Harris Paints from 50/50
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700 Block, East Hastings Street from Once Upon a Time
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Alley (south of Cordova, west of Hawks) from Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
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The Flash


Barry meets Snart in a bar in episode 2x03 “Family of Rogues”. Cisco visit Caitlin in the bar where she has been working for the past six months and asks her to return to the team in episode 4x01 “The Flash Reborn”. Ralph poses as Warden Wolfe to meet with Amunet to call off the deal in episode 4x13 “True Colors”.

Appears in 3 additional episodes.
Harry and the Harrisons

Caitlin and Barry return to Amunet's hideout but only find her old henchman Norvock who has turned it into a boxing gym.

Seeing Red

Barry, Ralph, and Killer Frost search for Norvock in the old hideout and recruit him to track down the other metas in danger.

Love Is a Battlefield

Iris goes undercover to learn Amunet's location while Barry listens worriedly to her aggressive persona from the van.


Human Supremacist Bar

Tucker heads to his old haunt but finds himself no longer welcome in his newly zombified state and later Major comes with his team looking for the incriminating video in episode 4x04 “Brainless in Seattle, Part 2”.


Schmitty's Ale House

Mel and Harry follow Maggie's vision to a seedy demon bar where Harry is mistaken for his Darklighter known as "Jimmy" in episode 2x06 “When Sparks Fly”.